Esaminatori RAD

The RAD employs over 200 examiners from 25 countries. Examiners undergo a demanding selection process followed by further training and quality control throughout their career. This is done through regular seminars for standardization, learning new skills and discussions on a wide range of topics including data protection, child protection and new technologies.

Examiners undergo child safety protocols appropriate to their country of residence and adhere to the policies and procedures of the RAD Examinations Board, including equal opportunities and child protection.

Apply to become a RAD examiner

  • Becoming a RAD examiner involves an application process based on personal characteristics and the job required
  • The search for examiners occurs at irregular intervals, based on the need for additional examiners
  • Prospective examiners will need to attend a training program (up to 5 weeks) and commit to a minimum number of exams during the calendar year
  • For further information send an email to